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I came to Corby shopping recently and parked in Oasis Retail Park. I did everything I could to pay with the very ambiguous instructions. I even checked with a local person that I had done things correctly and she said as I had put my credit card in I would be charged accordingly when I left. Although I still felt uneasy with the situation as I had no receipt or ticket to put on my car but had no choice to leave it. Today I have received a Parking charge of £60.00 with which I am flabbergasted. I did absolutely nothing wrong and it is not me who is the criminal but NCP Ltd. who obviously find every possible way to cheat innocent people out of their hard earned money. I no doubt will have to pay up as disputing this is never upheld by the customer and only results in having to pay £100 instead of £60 as the time scale has lapsed when they get back to you.
Needless to say I will not be doing my Christmas shopping in Corby or any other time soon, for even if I dared to venture in I still would not know how to work the parking meters. Perhaps you should revert to pay and display
with the cash option at least you know where you stand with that.