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would like to say a big THANK YOU to STEVE FARMER the BEST INSPECTOR CORBY COUNCIL has ever employed. The man is a knight in shining armour to Corby residents. With this man nothing is a problem. If he makes you a promise he follows it through to the end.he takes time to listen to tenant he's the only one from Corby council that excepts these houses are the councils responsibility and gets all repair work done no matter how small i have been a council tenant for 34 years i have never ever came across a man who is willing to solve any problem a house is experiencing with a smile. Thank you Corby bought council for this man please find more of him and Corby houses would be in better conditions and tenants like me who are willing to look after your house will be a very very happy tenant with a man like STEVE FARMER beside us xx   29-06-17
Tags: repairs to houses in corby